In a fertile territory, rich in culture and tradition, whose soil texture and climate are particularly suitable for growing grapes, the Bedin family has been involved in winemaking for generations.

The family estate is situated in Cornuda, along the panoramic “Montello e Colli Asolani wine route”: a suggestive natural and cultural itinerary that stretches from Asolo to Nervesa della Battaglia guiding its visitors past picturesque vineyards, charming small towns, ancient villas and palaces.

The use of environmentally friendly growing techniques, the preservation of ancient autoctone grapes and the use of modern equipment for the vinification process are all evidences of the importance that both tradition and innovation have for the company. With an eye to the future and their roots grounded firmly in the past, the Bedin brothers monitor each step of the winemaking process – from the growing of the vines to the marketing of the end product – to ensure the compliance with the highest quality standards.

Despite the constant broadening of the sales network, the winery’s strong family imprint prevents its production from becoming ”industrial” and holds the tight, genuine attachment to the land that constitutes the foundation and main value of the company.

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