Details of the bottles

The vineyards of the Bedin family extend for about 40 hectares in the heart if the DOCG Asolo wine district, a small niche of excellence enclosed between Mount Grappa and the Piave river.

To complete the production of Bedin’s own vineyards, the contribution of other local vintners is essential. The company selects the best grapes coming from the neighbouring farms: small, family-run companies with which the family has tight friendly ties as well as a strong common local rooting and sense of tradition.

From the receipt and sorting of the grapes to the packaging of the end product, every step of the winemaking process is monitored directly by the Bedin brothers. With the help of trustworthy oenologists and advanced equipment, they are committed to maintaining the highest quality standards. Leading-edge technologies complement the passion of the specialists and their deep knowledge of the grapes, thus integrating a process that is never industrial but driven by the values inherited from past generations.

The plant is equipped with modern vinification, filtering and bottling facilities for the production of wine with the Martinotti-Charmat method, according to which the fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks at low temperature. The winery has a total storage capacity of 9,000 hectolitres and the many autoclaves, where the secondary fermentation takes place, can hold up to 1,700 hectolitres.