Prosecco D.O.C. Treviso Frizzante – Spago

Our Wines

The Bedin winery produces a wide selection of sparkling wines – DOC/DOCG Prosecco and rosé – in various styles guaranteed to satisfy the most demanding of palates. The sparkling wines line is complemented by the still white and red wines and the grappa (Prosecco-based pomace brandy).

  • Prosecco D.O.C. Treviso Frizzante – Spago

    Grape variety:: 100% Glera.
    Alcohol content: 11%
    Residual sugar: 12 g/L.
    Tasting notes: Prosecco Frizzante has a gentler fizz than a full sparkling wine (spumante style) making it a lighter, more easy drinking style. A delicious bouquet of golden apple and white flowers with a delicate almond note makes way to a crisp clean mouthfeel. Its softness makes it a delicious treat as an aperitif. It can also be served throughout the meal to complement a variety of foods and it proudly represents the perfect everyday bubbly.

  • Allegro Rose’ – Merlot Frizzante

    Grape variety:: 100% Merlot.
    Alcohol content: 9,5%
    Residual sugar: 28 g/L.
    Tasting notes: A low-alcohol sparkling rosé bursting with freshness and fuitiness. It offers an intense bouquet with distinctive notes of wild berries and summer fruit. On the palate it is very light and pleasant, incredibly easy to drink thanks to the low alcohol content and its great balance. Bright acidity contrasts the naturally high residual sugar leaving a delicate, lingering aftertaste.

  • Il Lieve Vino Frizzante non Filtrato

    Grape variety:: Blend of Glera, Bianchetta Trevigiana, Boschera, Perera.
    Alcohol content: 10,5%
    Residual sugar: –
    Tasting notes: A rather unique, funky sparkling wine, reflective of an important piece of tradition and culture of the Prosecco region, linked to a time before modern Charmat became the most popular method of production in the territory. This fully natural wine is made with secondary fermentation in bottle and no disgorging: spent yeasts remain in bottle enriching the wine with a unique flavor and aromatic profile.

  • Hilaris Vino Frizzante IGT

    Grape variety:: Blend of indigenous white grape varieties.
    Alcohol content: 10,5%
    Residual sugar: 14 g/L.
    Tasting notes: An easy-drinking, thirst-quenching frizzante wine, ideal for an easy toast with friends or as an all-round wine. Intense bouquet, displaying hints of melon and apple and distinctive grapey notes. Zesty and refreshing with just the right amount of fruit.