Grappa di Prosecco

Our Wines

The Bedin winery produces a wide selection of sparkling wines – DOC/DOCG Prosecco and rosé – in various styles guaranteed to satisfy the most demanding of palates. The sparkling wines line is complemented by the still white and red wines and the grappa (Prosecco-based pomace brandy).

  • Grappa di Prosecco

    Alcohol content: 40%
    Description: Grappa Monovitigno di Prosecco is distilled exclusively from the marc of Glera grapes harvested from Bedin’s family-owned vineyards in the Colli Asolani production area. The traditional slow and discontinuous distillation method helps to capture the exceptionally rich flavors of this aromatic grape variety. The result is a crystal-clear Grappa with a distinctive light floral and fruity aroma, a creamy, velvety taste and an elegant, persistent finish.