Asolo Prosecco D.O.C.G. Superiore Millesimato Dry

Technical Sheet

85% Glera – 15% Bianchetta, Perera e Boschera (indigenous white grape varieties). Percentages may vary at winemaker’s discretion.

Asolo Prosecco DOCG superiore is a small subregion located within the larger DOC area, centred around the charming village of Asolo and the foothills knows as “Colli Asolani”. Planted on the slope of the hills at about 150m above sea level, our family-owned vineyards have good sun exposure and enjoy mild temperatures. The soil composition is rich with large percentages of clay, resulting in a full bodied, very elegant sparkling wine with distinctive tiny and velvety bubbles.

135 q/ha. Estimated yield per plant: 5-6 kg.

The destemmed grapes are loaded into our press where we slowly and softly press out a beautifully fresh juice. The juice is then fermented for about 10 days at low-temperature in a stainless steel tank to preserve the fresh fruit flavors that are typical from the Glera variety. Secondary fermentation (the phase during which the still, base wine is transformed into a sparkling wine) is achieved through the Martinotti-Charmat method: we introduce the still wine into pressurised stainless-steel tanks along with selected yeasts and sugar which stimulate the production of natural bubbles of carbon dioxide in the wine. After achieving DOCG certification, our Asolo Prosecco is finally bottled under pressure, to preserve the bubbles, using our state-of-the-art bottling line.

Before being bottled, the authority in charge collects tank samples and runs chemical analysis and tasting to ensure compliance with the DOCG standards and regulations. Once the samples receive approval, the DOCG neck bands are released as a proof of
authenticity and a certificate of compliance to the highest quality standards.

Alcohol: 11% vol
Total acidity: 6‰
Dry extract: 18‰
Residual sugar: 22 g/l
Pressure: 4,5 bar

Pale straw-yellow in colour with lively, velvety bubbles. It shows intense floral and ripe fruit notes on the nose and full-bodied apple and melon flavours with a rich and creamy palate. It is beautifully crisp and fresh, with an elegant finish.

This off dry Prosecco has great finesse and elegance. Save it for special occasions or make it an everyday favourite. Ideal an aperitif, it pairs beautifully with canapés.

6 – 8 °C

– GOLD – AWC Vienna International Wine Challenge 2013
– Seal of approval – AWC Vienna International Wine Challenge 2012

Technical Sheet