Grappa di Prosecco

Technical Sheet

Grappa Monovitigno di Prosecco is distilled exclusively from the marc of Glera grapes harvested from Bedin’s family-owned vineyards in the Colli Asolani production area and used for producing DOC and DOCG prosecco.

Once selected and destemmed, the marc undergoes steam distillation in copper stills. The traditional slow and discontinuous distillation method helps to capture the exceptionally rich flavors that are typical to an aromatic grape variety such as Glera.

40 % vol.

A bright, crystal-clear Grappa with a distinctive light floral and fruity aroma. The aromatic sensations in the palate remind of the grape variety. Nice and round, it displays a creamy, velvety taste and an elegant, persistent finish.

Grappa is usually served straight, at room temperature, as a digestivo after dinner. It is common for Italians to add a dash of grappa to espresso coffee to create a caffè corretto or to pour some grappa on the coffee cup once finished, swirl and gulp.
For a different experience, we recommend trying it chilled to fully enjoy its softness and pleasing aromas.

Once open, reseal carefully to preserve aromas. Store in an upright position, avoid heat and direct sunlight.

Technical Sheet